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Rateless Erasure Code / Fountain Code

Rateless erasure code is a kind of error correction code, where a message is encoded into potentially an infinite number of encoded symbols. Then, the receiver reconstructs the original message as long as it has received sufficient number of encoded symbols, irrespective of the sequence.

rateless erasure code

The working principle of rateless erasure code is analogous to filling a cup of water from a fountain — which drop of water fill in the cup does not matter as long as the cup has enough water to quench your thirst. For that reason, the rateless erasure code is also known as digital fountain code.

The rateless erasure code has the potential to revolutionize the Internet. Also, it may simplify TCP by removing its retransmission and congestion avoidance algorithm, without affecting reliable data transmission service.

keyword: LT code, Raptor code, Random Code, Fountain code, rateless erasure code

Wireless Sensor Network

  Wireless sensor network (WSN) is a wireless network that interconnected by a large WSNnumber of sensor nodes. They are resources-constraint and may operate for couple of months without charging. WSN has emerged as a rising star since standardization of IEEE 802.15.4. It is one of the components of Internet of Things.


 Keyword: wireless sensor network, wireless mesh network, wireless ad hoc network