Clothe Naked Data with Encrypted Partition

February 2008 – Edison Chan, a Hong Kong artist is found to be in troubles after his sex photo scandal circulates the world through Internet. He claimed that the photos were stolen after sending his laptop to a repair shop.

Edison did a mistake that we do, that is, storing files nakedly in machine.

Some files like docs and spreadsheets can be encrypted with the tool provided by OpenOffice itself. However, pictures and MP4 are left nakedly in hard disk. A baddie may possess these files by overriding the user privilege (E.g. using live-CD to bypass).

To overcome this, we encrypt our partitions. Most of the Linux users will have two partitions in their machine. One for for the root (/, /root, /bin,…) and another one for users home directory (/home). To avoid performance impact, we can encrypt the the partition of the home directory.

In the following example, Ubuntu 9.10 will be the targeted Linux OS, and LUKS is used as the encryption system.

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Calculus for Beginners

"Calculus Know-It-ALL: Beginner to Advanced, and Everything in Between" by Stan Gibilisco.

A good calculus book for beginners and advanced readers. The calculus concepts are explained nicely. Not too technical, but suite me very well.

This book is available at Amazon.

Running MS Paint in Ubuntu

Drawing in Linux is a pain to (most*) newbie users .

Sometimes, we just want to draw a simple circle in the picture and GIMP is found to be too complicated to be used.

If you are fine to be ms-slave, perhaps we can just run mspaint in Linux (Ubuntu 9.10) as well.

Running mspaint in Ubuntu 9.10 is not hard. All you need is:

  1. mspaint.exe (just google to get it)
  2. mfc42u.dll (just google to get it)
  3. and, wine (download-able with apt-get).

I have tested this with Ubuntu 9.10  and it can edit/save BMP images with no issue.