My First App in Android

First app in Android.


Geany – Python Source Code Editor

Geany is good Python source code editor in as it fulfills my required features (i) code-folding and (ii) dark colour theme.

By default, Geany only shipped with white color background. However, different color schemes can be downloaded from here. Currently I am using the geany-dark-scheme.

*In Ubuntu, one of parameters of the config file “filetypes.python” should be: stringeol=0xE23636;0xe0c0e0;false;false.

Waiting an Apple

Got it!


Jun 26, 2011   21:01   Szb – SZB   Clearance delay – Szb – SZB
Jun 26, 2011   08:59   Szb – SZB   Processed for clearance – Szb – SZB
Jun 26, 2011   08:09   Szb – SZB   Clearance delay – Szb – SZB
Jun 25, 2011   04:01   Hhp – HHP   Clearance processing complete – Hhp – HHP
Jun 25, 2011   02:28   Szx – SZX   Departed from facility – Szx – SZX
Jun 25, 2011   02:27   Szx – SZX   Processed – Szx – SZX
Jun 24, 2011   20:28   Szx – SZX   Shipment picked up – Szx – SZX

To Meet the Ultraman

Out of nowhere, I have this idea to visit the motherland of Ultraman.

To see how they train the Ultraman.

To learn how they use the laser beam to kill the raksasa.


16-Jun-2011. I am still waiting the invitation letter. Will my plan be cancelled?

17-Jun-2011. Finally got the invitation letter. Now submit with the application to my institute.

21-Jun-2011. HoD approved RAtt.

1-July-2011. CoE is still in processed. Without CoE I cannot apply VISA.

5-July-2011. R-Leave application has been rejected due to insufficient publication (I guess).  Applying I-Leave now.

6-July-2011. Management agreed to change full I-leave to half A-leave and half I-leave.

4-Aug-2011. Haven’t got the CoE…. hm.. such a long time.

8-Aug-2011. Finally see some light from Osaka. The accommodation should be OK now. I am waiting a very important document now.

24-Sept-2011. Received CESR. Proceed with VISA application.

27-Sept-2011. Submitted VISA application.

29-Sept-2011. Received VISA application. Requesting the final confirmation from Osaka.

25-Oct-2011. Departing tonight.

Is 0.999… = 1?

Is 0.999… = 1?

Well. Some people say yes. Some people will say no and explain that the radical number 0.999… is approaching 1 but is not 1. The value should be somewhere near to 1 but is not exactly 1.

So, is 0.999… = 1?

I not sure but there is a simple proof that supports the claim.

Let x = 0.999 ... (1)

Multiply (1) by 10,
10x = 9.99 ...   (2)

Then (2)-(1):

9x = 9

x = 1

From Mathematical Mysteries – The Beauty and Magic of Numbers by Calvin C. Clawson.

Python Assignment

Someone think out an assignment to improve my Python skill.

Question: List 10 ways to add from 1 to 10 in Python.


# Method 1
num_list = range(10+1)
result = sum(num_list)

# Method 2
num_list = range(10+1)
result = 0
for n in num_list:
	result += n

# Method 3
result = 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 +7 + 8 + 9 + 10

# Method 4 (Recursive call)
def calc(num):
	if num == 0:
		return 0
	return num + calc(num-1)

result = calc(10)

# Still thinking for the rest .... will update in future.
# Still thinking for the rest .... will update in future.
# Still thinking for the rest .... will update in future.


Sarcastic Life

Research is all about your attitude, passion, stubbornness to what you believe in your life.

But to live on your believe, you have to keep prost*ing it, even though it is much a precious to you.

———- (Bryan, 2010).



After meeting with two scholars from MIM*S and Sunw* Col*, I can almost certain what he said is true.