Share Puchong Properties Price (2019 April) at github

Real estate is one of the favorite investments for working folks in Malaysia. As part of the data savvy company, the data engineering team have harvested the prices of Puchong properties from one of the famous properties website and the extracted data (Puchong area only*) are shared at github .

Like you guys, we have a lot of questions in our mind:

    1. Do all the properties share about the same price per square foot (psf) if they are located at about the same area?
    2. Will the psf be slightly higher if they are located near to the main road?
    3. Which properties should I invest ? ^o^

Feel free to clone the data fromgithub.

May all the mighty data scientists plot their best insight.

We plot the bar chart for Puchong Housing Price (Apr, 2019) at here.
Original linkedin post @


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