PDF Annotator (w32) for Linux

The best PDF annotator for Ubuntu — PDF-Exchange Viewer.

It runs on Win32 machine. But  with wine, it is flies in Linux platform as well.


To integrate it seamlessly  with Ubuntu, I downloaded the Portable Zip version of PDF-Exchange viewer and extract it to a folder.

Then, I created a bash file as follow:

#------ filename: pdfviewer.run ----------
filename=z:$( echo $1 | sed  "s/\//\\\/g")
wine "$w32bin" "$filename"
# ----------------------------------------

and put it to the same folder as PDF-Exchange viewer.

Right click the PDFXCview.exe –> Permission –> Check “Allow Executing file as program”.

Then, pick a pdf file and right click again  and choose “Open With Other Application”. Then, select “Use a custom command” and point it to the bash file that we create just now (pdfviewer.run).

Try to open the pdf file again and you will see it will open it with PDF Viewer.



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