The best PDF annotator for Ubuntu — PDF-Exchange Viewer.

It runs on Win32 machine. But  with wine, it is flies in Linux platform as well.


To integrate it seamlessly  with Ubuntu, I downloaded the Portable Zip version of PDF-Exchange viewer and extract it to a folder.

Then, I created a bash file as follow:

#------ filename: ----------
filename=z:$( echo $1 | sed  "s/\//\\\/g")
wine "$w32bin" "$filename"
# ----------------------------------------

and put it to the same folder as PDF-Exchange viewer.

Right click the PDFXCview.exe –> Permission –> Check “Allow Executing file as program”.

Then, pick a pdf file and right click again  and choose “Open With Other Application”. Then, select “Use a custom command” and point it to the bash file that we create just now (

Try to open the pdf file again and you will see it will open it with PDF Viewer.