To Meet the Ultraman

Out of nowhere, I have this idea to visit the motherland of Ultraman.

To see how they train the Ultraman.

To learn how they use the laser beam to kill the raksasa.


16-Jun-2011. I am still waiting the invitation letter. Will my plan be cancelled?

17-Jun-2011. Finally got the invitation letter. Now submit with the application to my institute.

21-Jun-2011. HoD approved RAtt.

1-July-2011. CoE is still in processed. Without CoE I cannot apply VISA.

5-July-2011. R-Leave application has been rejected due to insufficient publication (I guess).  Applying I-Leave now.

6-July-2011. Management agreed to change full I-leave to half A-leave and half I-leave.

4-Aug-2011. Haven’t got the CoE…. hm.. such a long time.

8-Aug-2011. Finally see some light from Osaka. The accommodation should be OK now. I am waiting a very important document now.

24-Sept-2011. Received CESR. Proceed with VISA application.

27-Sept-2011. Submitted VISA application.

29-Sept-2011. Received VISA application. Requesting the final confirmation from Osaka.

25-Oct-2011. Departing tonight.


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