Is 0.999… = 1?

Is 0.999… = 1?

Well. Some people say yes. Some people will say no and explain that the radical number 0.999… is approaching 1 but is not 1. The value should be somewhere near to 1 but is not exactly 1.

So, is 0.999… = 1?

I not sure but there is a simple proof that supports the claim.

Let x = 0.999 ... (1)

Multiply (1) by 10,
10x = 9.99 ...   (2)

Then (2)-(1):

9x = 9

x = 1

From Mathematical Mysteries – The Beauty and Magic of Numbers by Calvin C. Clawson.


Author: zkchong

I have been teaching in university for 7 years and currently a data science engineer at Axiata Digital Advertising, Malaysia.

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