Sarcastic Life

Research is all about your attitude, passion, stubbornness to what you believe in your life.

But to live on your believe, you have to keep prost*ing it, even though it is much a precious to you.

———- (Bryan, 2010).



After meeting with two scholars from MIM*S and Sunw* Col*, I can almost certain what he said is true.


3 thoughts on “Sarcastic Life

  1. Knowledge is what we gain, not what we need to show others how well or how smart we are so it’s not that we are pros*ing it.

  2. English Excercise
    1) Please define “prost*ing”? lol~

    2) Make a sentence using the word “prost*ing”?
    Fisherman is “prost*ing” his fishing skill to earn his living everyday. lol~

  3. There are thousands of interpretation of this post…

    Put this simple, I love to share my knowledge undoubtedly. I am open source lover, I provide patch to community, beta testing, etc. Anyway, the whole story is not about sharing of knowledge. My passion is still there.

    It is about something what you believe contradict with what reality is. Imagine someone say like “I pay and you teach!”. You will see everything is just a business affair. Or supply and demand. Or consumer and servicer. Or, an industry. He just want to tell me what real life is.

    The pros* word is something negative and misleading. We just leave it. This post is just something as insane as usual. Like the true me.

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