WPAN mesh and 802.15 family standards

WPAN mesh and 802.15 family standards.

There are two famous IEEE standards for mesh technology – IEEE 802.15.3x for high-rate WPAN and IEEE 802.15.4x for low-rate WPAN. Question is always arisen on the interoperability between these two standards. To answer that question, IEEE has introduced a new standard, IEEE 802.15.5 that is built on  the mesh sublayer on top of both IEEE 802.15.3x and IEEE 802.15.4x (refer to the figure).

More discussion on such standard can be found in IEEE Communication magazine in [1].

[1]  M. Lee, R. Zhang, C. Zhu, T. R. Park, C. S. Shin, Y.A. Jeon, S. H. Lee, S. S. Choi, Y. Liu, S. W. Park, “Meshing Wireless Personal Area Networks: Introducing IEEE 802.15.5”, IEEE Communication Magazine, January 2010, page 54 – 61.